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Pro Bono Matters

From Florida to Oregon & for everywhere in between...
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Pro Bono Recruitment At Your Fingertips

Amplify your program's reach through our proven technology.

In 2017, Pro Bono Matters launched in Miami in collaboration with The Florida Bar Foundation. For years, pro bono attorneys had requested a single website where they could go to pick their own pro bono cases. Enter Pro Bono Matters.

Since launch, attorneys have adopted hundreds of cases providing thousands of hours of pro bono service to their communities. Pro Bono Matters' streamlined system and simple design provides an online-shopping version of pro bono recruitment which reduces friction. Making it easier for new and returning pro bono attorneys to find cases that match their personal preferences and experience.

Built by two former legal aid attorneys, Pro Bono Matters is both the tool we wanted to have for recruitment, as well as the tool we want to use as pro bono volunteers.

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Pro Bono Matters

Seamlessly add cases and opportunities on your site to recruit pro bono attorneys.

We're So Thankful For All Our Partners:

Customize each card, providing details about specific opportunities.

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Claud Nelson
The Florida Bar Foundation

Why Pro Bono Matters is Great >


We're thrilled by the volume of attorneys our grantees have recruited using Pro Bono Matters! We recommend it for any program looking to further their reach.


Created by two former legal aid attorneys, we built a tool to help get the private bar jazzed about legal services.

Just like we are!

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Attorneys can easily select a case and submit an interest form.

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The best part about Pro Bono Matters is showing off the cases!

Embed your volunteer opportunties on your website, local bar associations, or join with other organizations to promote your cases together.


50 Programs & Counting

We onboard new programs all the time.

New Features

We are constantly growing and updating our platform. By listening to our clients needs, our development team continues to build the best platform for pro bono recruiting.

Real-Time Support

Our Number 1 Rule is "Fix broken things first." If ever an organization identifies a glitch in our system, we immediately leap to fix it. Our current partners would be happy to tell you how pleased they have been with our responsiveness and quick turn-around times.

Collaborative Team

As part of the Pro Bono Matters ecosystem, we contact our people to check in on them, help prioritize development goals, and get feedback on new design features. Above everything, we're building the tool for you.


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